Hello you beautiful human

I'm Stevie a 24 year old gay body positive activist from England. Growing up as a fat, gay disabled kid wasn't easy but its made me who I am today. It's got me here. It's got me to you!

Growing up there was nobody who looked like me. NOBODY. Not in the media, magazines on television even in my school. It was just me. Instead of celebrating my differences I hated them. I hated my big chest, stretch marks, scared feet and belly rolls. I wanted to look like everybody else. I wanted to look like I saw on TV. I based my entire self worth on my body. Boy was I wrong. I'm so much more than my body. Thats what I'm here to tell you, so stick around. Have a read, watch my youtube videos, message me. I'm here to let you know it's ok to be unapologetically you.

                                                Love always, Bopo.boy