3 Days In Munich

3 Days In Munich

Munich the city of great food, great beer & even greater people! Although I would definitely recommend spending more than 3 days in this beautiful city you can squeeze a hell of a lot in. Not only is Munich super easy to navigate but it has excellent transport facilities at reasonable prices meaning you can cover much of the city in a short amount of time.

Day 1

Today was our first full(ish) day in Munich we had a pretty early flight to try and get in as much of the city as possible. Just a quick tip make sure you fly directly into Munich airport rather than Memmingem because otherwise your have to get a 1.5 - 2 hour train journey into Munich city centre which is a waste of your precious time in this beautiful city!

Once we arrived in Munich we headed straight to Marienplatz the central square of Munich. We spent a couple of hours exploring the centre grabbing a coffee and pretzel at one of the many bakeries. I’d definitely recommend Rischart. Your find them dotted all over the city and they do excellent hot chocolate not to mention the best pretzels. After our quick lunch we headed back to Marienplatz to watch the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel, it kicks off at 12:00pm everyday offers some real old world entertainment (not to mention totally free!)

Next up we visited the English Gardens, I know when you say garden you envision a fairly small green space but the Munich English Gardens are huge making it one of the worlds largest urban public parks. The gardens are home to a lake, Japanese teahouse, a temple of apollo and also a place to practice your surfing! If you want some free laughs make sure to catch the surfing people que up to have ago and more than likely they fall off. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the gardens taking in their natural beauty, it’s hard to believe somewhere so tranquil is right in the middle of a German city.

For dinner we went to TAKUMI ramen, a Japanese restaurant which often has a line way out the door and for good reason. We visited by chance on our way back to our table and managed to get a table straight away. They serve the best ramen I’ve ever had outside of Japan not to mention authentic takoyaki. We tried to visit again a couple of nights after but unfortunately there was always a wait of over an hour so make sure to visit early to avoid being disappointed.

Usually when we travel we find somewhere really cut on Air B&B but this time a hotel actually proved to be cheaper and more convenient. We ended up sayings at the Ruby Lilly Hotel which suited us perfectly. The rooms combine comfort with class, dark wood furniture is paired with modern glass giving the rooms a cozy yet clean feel. The downstairs bar is a treat in itself, very hipster as well as interesting cocktails make this hotel the perfect finish to every night.


Day 2

Our second day in Munich we were actually leaving the city, we booked on a full day tour of the Palaces of King Ludwig II. The tour lasted the entire day and was worth every second & penny! We were picked up from the central station (about 10 minutes walk from our hotel) and escorted onto a modern double decker coach. Our tour guide was a absolute dream not only was she informative but she made everyone feel as ease and gave us a great insight into one of Germanys last kings lives. The journey to our first palace took around an hour in which time our tour guide explained to us much about the surrounding Bavarian countryside and king ludwig life. It was lovely to just look out the window and watch the Bavarian mountains go by.

The first stop was Linderhof which was built by King Ludwig II during the 19th century as a hunting lodge. It was the only one of Ludwigs palaces to be completed during his life and was the most opulent building I’ve ever seen.

Our second stop was at Oberammergau, a small german village famous for its wood cavings and richly painted houses. It honestly looks like something out of a postcard and is the perfect place to pick up some authentic German gifts.

The final and most impressive stop was Neuschwanstein, nestled between the Alps the castle is spectacular. I felt like my hogwarts acceptance letter finally arrived as I walked through the castle gates. The castle itself was actually the inspiration of Sleeping Beauty’s castle and for it’s time was incredibly modern. Theres 3 ways of getting to the castle itself. The first is by horse and carriage, which I’d least recommend, not only is it the most expensive option but it takes the longest and think of those poor horses! The second is by shuttle bus, which doesn’t go all the way to the palace and you still have to walk around 15 minutes. The final and most preferable options is walking. Although it takes around 30 - 40 minutes you get to see the palace at all angles and enjoy the surrounding bavarian woodland.

One thing I would recommend is to pick up lunch at the start of the day to take with you, something that I wish we did. The town where the palace is situated is incredibly overpriced and the food choices aren’t that great. One bonus was that our tour bus did have hot chocolate & warm wine for us when we got back on the bus, which believe me after walking around in bavarian woodland for a couple of hours you really need.

We got back from our tour around 6:00pm just in time to grab some dinner. We stopped by a local Vietnamese restaurant called Jack Glockenbach which had lovely vegan options.


Day 3

Our final day in Munich we wanted to take things slow and get a real feel for the Bavarian way of life. We had a lazy morning & late breakfast of coffee and pretzels before heading back towards the centre of Munich. We spent the morning exploring the many churches in the area such as St Peters Church & the Church of our Lady both of which have stunning architecture, but please be mindful when visiting any place of worship.

We spent the afternoon hopping between beer houses enjoying the local beers of the region. As I’m not a beer drinking the first beer went straight to my head, not surprising considering they’re served by the litre!

Although we had such a short time in Munich we managed to do and see so much. Theres no wonder why the locals are so friendly when they have multiple beer gardens to choose from, beautiful landscapes and captivating history. I would highly recommend visiting this wonderful city & I can’t wait to come back again soon.

bopo.boy x

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