Welcome to my blog. I'm here to show you that everyone is so gloriously beautiful, regardless of what our bodies look like. Once you start loving your body It'll love you right back!

This Is My Beach Body

This Is My Beach Body

Year after year we ponder the same question "how am I going to get my beach body?" You begin to make a list of all the foods you're going to cut out of your life. Say good bye to carbs, fats, gluten, dairy, sugar, anything you actually enjoy. Instead you replace those foods with 'clean eating' and hours in the gym. Both of which you hate.

“Every body is a beach body”

So why do we go through this torment for a 'beach body'. What even is a 'beach body'. Well let me tell you a secret. Something the beauty industry doesn't want you to know. Something society doesn't want to know. But you already have a beach body. I know right who knew? Who knew that every body was a beach body. Who knew you didn't have to have a six pack, flat stomach and 0 cellulite to enjoy the beach. Well by definition a 'beach body' is a body which is at the beach. Now I know some of you might be struggling with this concept so I've compiled 3 steps to get your body beach ready.

  • Put on a majestic bikini/swimsuit/shorts (maybe a speedo if you're feeling adventurous)

  • Go to the beach

  • Think "Holy shit my beach body is glorious"

Ta da! You're beach ready. Repeat after me EVERY BODY IS A BEACH BODY! Your size, race, gender, scars, cellulite, flabby arms, squishy belly or thunder thighs don't make you any less deserving of loving those sandy shores. Now get out there and catch some rays!

                                - love always bopo.boy

Becoming Body Positive

Becoming Body Positive