5 Ways To Improve Body Confidence

5 Ways To Improve Body Confidence

The question that I get asked most often over on instagram is how to be more body confident. I wish I could just hand you some self love juice and it’ll make all your worries and insecurities melt away but unfortunately it isn’t that easy. As cheesy as it sounds our individual journeys of body acceptance, self love and body confidence is exactly that, a journey and not a destination. I didn’t wake up one day, take a look in the mirror and say “Damn my stretch marks look fab and check out those back rolls too!” And start mass ordering crop tops on asos. It took time to get to the place I am at today and commitment. Loving myself and embracing who I am has changed my life and I know it could change yours too. So I thought I would share with you some practical things you can do to improve your body confidence and continue on your journey of acceptance.

Clear out that wardrobe

If you’re anything like me I’m sure you have clothes in your wardrobe that don’t fit, don’t look right or are simply uncomfortable. Yet we keep them because diet culture has convinced us that our worth is defined by the number inside our jeans, which is not true. We are worthy of love, respect and space regardless of the size of our bodies. But by keeping those items inside our wardrobe it reinforces the idea that we need to reduce ourselves to take up space in this world or that we need to be uncomfortable to conform to society expectations of beauty, which simply isn’t true. We deserve to feel great and wear clothes that makes us feel that way too, so donate those jeans which make you feel terrible and make space for clothes which uplifts you and fill you with lizzo level confidence.

Diversify your feed

I will continue to preach this until every single person on the planet unfollows love island contestants that make them feel terrible about themselves. We all have or have had accounts that we follow which make us feel bad. Comparison truly is the thief of joy and these accounts suck the joy right out of us. They make us feel less than, make us compare our bodies to theirs and drive us into a downward spiral eventually leading us to diet cultures doorstep ready to subscribe to the next fad diet. Not today Satan! Unfollow the kardashians, unfollow the reality stars who make you feel less than and instead fill your feed with people of all body shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Follow accounts that represent you and your body as well as accounts that celebrate all bodies to show us that beauty truly does exist in each of us and there isn’t just one standard of beauty.

Give and receive compliments

Compliments can be tricky. Growing up I resented myself so much that if someone complimented anything about me I would assume they’re being sarcastic. But accepting compliments is really important at rebuilding the relationship we have with our bodies. Not only this but giving other people compliments is incredibly important. I don’t know about you but when I was in a bad place with my body I would often project my own insecurities onto other people. As bad as it sounds I would be like “Well if I’m feeling terrible as least they can feel terrible too”. But that isn’t cute we should be uplifting one another, not dragging each other down. So next time you see someone standing in line at Starbucks who is wearing a really cute jumper let them know and I assure you It will make you and them feel great!

Sidenote - not all compliments need to be physical and I’m all about complimenting people on attributes which aren’t physical because we are so much more than our bodies.

Treat yourself

I know #selfcaresunday has become a fad but selfcare is so much more than avocado toast and bath bombs. It’s taking yourself out for a walk in the woods. Enjoying the movement of your body or snuggling down with a good book. It’s all about giving back to you and your body. These are the only bodies we have and the only vehicle we have to explore and navigate life with, they do so much for us and allow us to experience so much so it only seems fair to give back to them once in awhile.

Remove yourself from the conversation

Diet culture runs deep, real deep and often conversations regarding weight, body image and diets surround us. Although I would like to say we should take the time to educate others on the impact of diet culture, that is incredibly taxing and you’ve gotta put yourself first. So remove yourself from the conversation. Simply walk away or if you are unable to do so shift the conversation, and in the real worse cases where not even that works speak up and challenge. “I’m sorry Brenda but Id appreciate it if you could talk about something else as my body or other peoples bodies is none of your business, thanks Brenda!”. Don’t be a Brenda.

The journey to body confidence isn’t always easy or simple and we’re part of a society that breeds diet culture so sometimes everyday can seem like a battle. But it is worth it, you are worth it. This is the only body you are ever going to have to navigate this glorious planet and working on it, investing in you will be the most rewards venture you ever embark on.

Love always,


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