3 Things To Quit Telling Yourself This Summer

3 Things To Quit Telling Yourself This Summer

Summer is here and with it comes endless days, sweaty nights and the utter panic of having to brave the beach wearing your swimming costume. Now if you’re anything like me you would have probably spent most of your summers until now wearing oversized t-shirts in the pool, sweating profusely due to wearing one too many layers in a feeble attempt to try and hide your body and turning down invites to social occasions out of fear people will be looking at your body. Now do you see what’s wrong with each of those situations & before you say it, it isn’t summer. It’s the inbuild fat phobia and diet culture BS that we carry around inside of us. Telling us that because we exist in a body that doesn’t fit societies definition of beauty we;

A - don’t deserve to enjoy the feeling of the sun on our skin, and the water washing against our glorious back fat

B - if we do somehow manage to get past the shame, fat phobia and diet culture I mentioned early than we should be uncomfortable. Sweating under multiple layers of clothes and attracting the attention of every human possible because apparently other peoples bodies are a concern to them (who knew?).

However you’re wrong. You are worthy of enjoying this wonderful season. Worthy of attending the BBQ’s, pool parties and beach days. Worthy of feeling comfortable wearing whatever you want to stop the sweat running down your back and worthy of respect because your body is just as deserving as the next to take up space, be comfortable and enjoy the pleasure this season brings with it.

Now I understand that sometimes we need a friendly push to unpack the fat phobia and diet culture bs and get outside and start living so here am I with a giant shove! Here are 3 things to stop saying to yourself this summer.

I don’t have a beach body

Now I’ve written an entire post about this topic before but I said it once and I’ll say it a thousand times more ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES. Just because we see the same body type represented in every summer AD possible doesn’t mean the body isn’t made for bodies like yours or mine. All bodies are beach bodies. There are no rules to attending the beach or having a beach body and if there was they would go something like this.

Step 1: Have a body (yours is particularly glorious)

Step 2: Take it to the beach

Step 3: Have fun!

Ta Da! Thats all it takes to have a beach body, so forget the plans on ‘getting beach body ready’ you already have a beach body now get some sand in-between those toes and frolic in those waves. Do people still frolic?

Everyone’s going to look at me

Growing up this was my biggest fear, the last thing I wanted on this earth was to attract any attention to myself and my body. So much so that I spent all of my teens and some of my early 20’s wearing entirely black and only ever entering a swimming pool if I was wearing a t-shirt. But if you want people to stop looking at you, wearing a t-shirt to the pool isn’t the way forward. All wet and sticky clinging to every roll imaginable, why did I think that would divert attention?

If I had just gotten in the pool with my top off no one would have batted an eyelid, they were all too busy enjoying themselves. I know it’s uncomfortable at first to bear all and show off a part of yourself you’re insecure about but it can be incredibly liberating and once you’re in the pool splashing around and enjoying the movement of your body, you will soon forget that you were worrying about taking your top off at all.

But what if people do stare? Because we all know there are people out there who love to make comments or judge others based on their bodies, I’m talking about you Susan. Well in all honesty those people would be staring whether you had your top off or you didn’t. Those people have their own insecurities, bias and fat phobia to work out. You on the other hand have a pool to enjoy, forget the on lookers and if they want to watch a glorious human enjoying themselves, let them because they will soon work out that they are missing out on enjoying their own bodies.

I shouldn’t wear something like that

Wrong! You bloody well should wear that and here’s why. The way we dress is one of the many ways that we use our bodies to express ourselves. Our sense of style is part of who we are and if we all looked and dressed the same the world would be a pretty dull place. Not only that but you would be miserable if you only wore things other people thought you should wear. Believe me I’ve tried it. Instead wear clothes that make you happy, that make you feel like a badass and ultimately that make you comfortable. Who says someone with belly rolls can’t wear a crop top? Will the crop top police turn up at my house and forcibly remove it from me. I don’t think so. So give up hiding your body under layers of clothes when it’s roasting outside to cover up your body. Your body is magnificent and it deserves to wear clothes that make it look and feel just as magnificent. Who care if the fashion police say you shouldn’t wear stripes or crop tops, or any top at all. Wear what makes you happy not and what makes someone else comfortable. We are here, our bodies are valid, we deserve to take up space and we deserve to be seen. So anyone who thinks otherwise better get used to feeling pretty uncomfortable with my chubby belly rocking out poolside.

Love always,


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